Enjoy an afternoon or evening with your friends and schedule an ART-TEAs-try session with us. 

You will learn how to paint a 16x20 canvas and enjoy your tea for 3 hours. In addition to tea* you can enjoy a dessert.  We can make it a birthday cake for the celebrant in our standard ART-teas-try class. We will provide all the plates, fork and other flatware needed for any other food items that you want to bring.

Or, you can book our High ART-teas-try.  This will include gourmet tea sandwiches, scones, salad and desserts in addition to all the items in our standard ART-teas-try class.  

Celebrate a special occasion on us!  You can choose from our paintings or send in your suggestions before the class. At the end of the class you will proudly go home with an original work of art that you created.  Let us guide you!.

Minimum fee: $260 for 10 students & 30 per additional students. Please email us, for details.  

*tea may be replace by juice/lemonade

Vacation paradise

Restful vacation


Pink pair


Fireflies on a Magical evening

Cherry Blossoms