Make your Halloween extra special this year! Let us teach you how to bake and decorate creepy cupcakes that will "wow" your family, friends and guests inside and out. Join us in this fun afternoon of creativity with your family and friends!

To be scheduled early Dec. in time to help you for the holidays

Make your Thanksgiving feast more memorable this year with these incredible cookies. They can be used as centerpieces or as individual treats that not only look great but taste awesome as well.


Not having much success after watching all those TV shows and u-tube videos on baking and cake decorating? Or, too intimidated to bake on your own?  Then this is the crash course for you!  Baking and cake decorating has to be "hands-on".  In 4 2-hours sessions, we will teach you how to bake "outside" of the box.Then we will teach you how to make icing, prepare your cake for decorating and make it look like it was done by a professional. 



(Ingredients & supplies for baking in class are included.  But upi will need some essential tools & supplies for your own use during and well after the course--$30


Supplies not included. We have prepared a Basic Decorating Kit containing ALL essential items --$36. No need to bring anything on the first day



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*All supplies are included.

Like the look of fondant but not crazy about its taste? Learn how to make and decorate with rolled buttercreme in this 2-hour class.  Also learn how to make buttercreme flowers.


(Supplies not included. Basic Cake Decorating is a pre-requisite.  Will need most tools from Basic Cake Decorating plus a Supplementary Decorating Kit costing less than the Basic Kit.

Ready to try making those incredible cakes you see on TV?  This is it! This 4-session class teaches you how make your own fondant and work with it in class!  Then, we will teach you how to cover your cake in fondant and create gumpaste flowers.  



(Supplies not included. Basic Cake Decorating is a pre-requisite.  Will need most tools from Basic Cake Decorating plus essential tools & supplies for working with fondant & gumpaste ---$36-40

Buttercreme icing too sweet for you?  Want to make your edible decorations in advance so you your cake will be fresh and newly baked?  Then, you gotta learn how to make and work with Royal Icing to make your decorations when you have time and in a relaxed mood.  And now, your cookies can have decorations that people can touch without ruining it! We will also teach you how to make and cover your cakes with whipped cream icing.  Once you learn this, we doubt if you will ever go back to making buttercreme icing.


Love to bake but can't seem to make your cake look "pro"?  This 4-session class is a good start for you.  Learn basic cake preparation, icing, the ribbon rose, regular rose, borders, figure piping, etc. Each class takes about 2 hours.


To inquire on any of our classes, please complete our Registration Form

Here's a list of the classes that we do. We would be happy to schedule any of these classes for individuals and groups. The fee listed applies to a minimumgroup of 6 students.  For a group > 15 students, we can apply our special “Party Package” rate and adjust the lesson. Please email us at for possible dates that will work for you.

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(All supplies included)


(All supplies included)