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Baking And Cake Decorating Classes in Fremont


Done with all the cake decorating course and want to make an incredible cake on your own, but need a little help? We are here for you! We will be your coach, assistant and mentor for at least 2 hours.


Do you want to learn a specific skill or technique in cake decorating or baking? Or, want to go at your own pace or schedule? Then, email us for a possible private lesson. We will provide all the ingredients, tools and supplies for your specific course and you get to take home all your work.


Check out all the different classes we offer in both Pastry and Sugar Art.  Organize a group of 4 and let us know what dates/times will work best for you.  

Cannot get enough friends to do a class with you? Just let us know the best dates/times that will work for you and we will schedule one and create a sign-up sheet to get more students. Based on our experience, weekday evenings or week-end mornings work best for most.  

Email  (if you have outlook) with possible dates and times for your event. Or Email us at  Our party packages run from $250+ 


We offer special one- time Cake/Cookie/Pastry classes or events for both children and adults.  Done with all bowling, skating, clowns, magicians and other sports for your kid parties?  What about making a bridal or baby shower for your girl friend even more special?

Book a cake/cookie decorating party with us.  Depending on the age and skill level of your guests we will prepare with you a fun activity that everyone will enjoy. The great part is they get to take home their creations!  No need to worry about preparing party giveaways.  

Our Party Package also includes a birthday cake that everyone could "help" finish decorating.  No worries, we provide the aprons, spatulas, piping bags, etc. We can do it at your place or ours. 

Baking Camp for Kids & Teens (Age 8-14 yrs)

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We are done for this year!  Whatta fun time we had this summer of 2017.  Hope to see you again next summer!  We will be teaching you new things in the world of pastry and sugar arts.  See you then!

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For more information about any of our classes, please complete our Registration Form

Enjoy an afternoon or evening with your friends and schedule an ART-TEAs-try session with us.

You will learn how to paint a 16x20 canvas and enjoy your tea for 3 hours. In addition to tea, you will enjoy gourmet tea sandwiches, scones, salad and desserts.  Celebrate a special occasion on us!  You can choose from our paintings or send in your suggestions before the class. At the end of the class you will proudly go home with an original work of art that you created.  Let us guide you!

     Starting at $150